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A Pinch of Vermilion—Serious Issue in Humorous Note

Ek Chutki Sindoor  Ki Kimat ab mei jan gaya hoon….

Before I start sharing my views I must inform you that…..this post is neither meant to hurt anyone nor to oppose any contemporary concept, I have shared my logical thoughts only.

So, before I share my logical views I should start with the beginning…

Few months back during a festival I visited the pandal of my colony, there I saw a girl…a very beautiful one…i felt “I can die for her”, Generally I don’t visit the pandal too much coz I am bit introvert but that day seeing the girl I started to like her so much that I visited the pandal for next two days frequently. The colony members were gathering there for Puja purpose, so naturally it could be easily guessed that the girl is from my colony.

After the festival I asked my family members about that girl, I knew they surely know about her, when I informed them that I liked the girl a lot my Mom and my Sis both said the same words…”Oh, Not again”.

I came to know that the girl lives in my colony, i was  surprised when I came to know that her house is  beside the main road of our colony through which I have crossed numerous numbers of times, I regretted…”Why did not I notice her earlier”.

The pathetic moment came when after one month of that festival I came to know that her marriage has already been fixed and she will get married after two months, I was surprised again…why it happens with me always, whenever I start to like a girl she gets married(Kisse bahot hai,Kabhi fursat se sunna chahoge….toh bhi mei sunaunga nahi)…my heart broken again into small pieces, probably this time it happened for 51 times, I had nothing to do except seeing her married, so after two months in a Sunday morning when I was going to market I saw the pandals in the roof of her house and her house was also decorated with flowers and lights…what a heart breaking moment.

After one month of her marriage I saw her waiting beside the main road to avail an auto.

Then two more months went away, I was busy in searching my dream girl…

Then suddenly I had an experience that forced me to think about a contemporary concept…

There is a certain veg vendor in the mini market near our colony from where I buy vegetables, that day when I reached the shop there were two customer already present, so I was waiting until they complete their marketing, and at that time that same girl came there with a bag in her hand, she was also waiting with me in front of the shop, approx after three minutes those two customers completed their shopping and we entered, we saw the son of the shop-owner was taking care of the shop, a boy hardly of age 16, he looked at that girl and asked…”aunt tell me what do you want”

After buying the listed vegetables she paid the bill and went away, then the boy looked at me and asked…’Dada, tell me what do you want?”

I was already angry when he called her ‘Aunt’ so I asked ferociously …”why did you call her “Aunt”, I am Dada and she is aunt!!!! You know she is two years younger than me.”

The boy was listening to me with surprised eyes and replied with a trembling voice….”she looks likes aunt that’s why I have called her so, have not you seen the bangles in her hands and the vermilion in her head?”…This sentence of the boy forced me to think about the present concept which has got a height…now-a-days girls are against to keep any sign of being married, they are against to wear certain bangles and don’t want to use vermilion in head.

After hearing the sentence from the boy it forced me to realize…the vermilion in head increases the age of a girl, they start to look much older than their actual age, actually I was not aware about this, I heard a present concept that now-a-days married girls are not using vermilion, also heard that some of them doing it with the logic that…when married men does not contain any sign of marriage then why only girl will carry? Later I started to enrich my knowledge in this issue, read about it and asked others, what I experienced is…actually there are lots of reasons why girls are not using vermilion, some of those logic I found very much logical but my another experience really surprised me a lot, when I was searching the reasons i came across few married women(Girls) who are presently not using vermilion and when I asked them the reason lots of them were unable to explain or to show any reason…so you can easily guess whats going on there…they are actually imitating others.

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