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In my previous post Deoghar—Baidyanath Dham I have shared the mythological story and the religious importance of the place Deoghar. But except the religious purpose this place can be visited for weather change, there are many attractions there…


It’s a not so large hill but large and big enough to make anyone surprised. Full of huge size of rocks, the most interesting event of this pace is…until you feed some monkeys, those are great in numbers, you will not be able to explore this place coz they will disturb (They don’t hurt anyone) you continuously, you don’t need to feed to all the monkeys, you just have to feed some of them and that’s enough.

There are caves in Tapoban and one the cave enshrining the Shivalingam one of the prime attractions of the place.

It’s 10km away from main town.

Tapoban Entrance



At The Top Of Tapoban


Tapoban Moving Car



This is also a hill area, the name Trikut means three peaks, “Tri” means three, this hill actually has three tops, it’s very tough to climb at the tops of this mountain coz its straight from the ground, until you are a rock climber you can only enjoy this place from ground or accessing the ropeway. It’s 2470ft in height.

A Part of Trikut


Nandan park

This is a park dedicated to one of the two most closed followers of Lord Shiva, Nandi.

There are many events to enjoy, like the ‘Bhoot Ghar’(The Ghost House), the magical mirror, sliding through Nandi’s tongue apart from all the natural scenery is indescribable.

An Idol of Nandi


Ghost House

Nau Lakha Temple

This temple is named “Nau Lakha” coz it took nine lakh rupees to build, in Sanskrit and Hindi “Nau” means nine, this temple was made by Queen Charushila Devi, more than 75 years ago, it’s a 146 ft in height and this temple has resemblance with Belur math Kolkata, its situated 2km from main town.

Entrance of Nau Lakha Temple


Special Food

Whenever the name Deoghar comes into mind the name of the food first comes is Peda, it’s a type of sweet made from concentrated milk, the more pure the milk is the more tasty the Peda, visiting Deoghar and did not eat Peda is one of the greatest mistake for sure.

How to Reach Deoghar

If you are visiting from east side of India, it’s always better to avail the route through Kolkata, by bus it takes 7-8hrs and if you avail car then surely you will save approximately two hours.

The Route is…


By train you

For the travelers of other side of India…

Passenger buses run from…Ranchi,Hazaribahg and Jamshedpur.

You can reach Ranchi or Jamshedpur by flight.

Availing Trains from Varanasi Junction to Madhupur Junction and then you can avail car or train.




Deoghar—Baidyanath Dham

Indian Bloggers

Deoghar, widely known as Baidyanath Dham is one of the most holy places for Hindus, famous for the Temple of Lord Shiva. Situated in the North-eastern Jharkhand.

Last time when I visited this place that was approx. my 17th visit to that place, being a member of a family who are very much attached to spirituality I am visiting this place from my very childhood. One of the most important events of my life also happened there, that is my ….Annaprashanna (First rice-eating ceremony)


Main Temple(Night Shot)

Mythological Story of Deoghar

There is a beautiful mythological story behind the establishment of this place….

When Lord Rama declared war against Ravana, Ravana decided to take Lord Shiva with him in Lanka because if Shiva is with him then no one can defeat him. Ravana was a great devotee of Lord Shiva. So Ravana went Kailash and started severe austerity to pledge Shiva. As we all known that Shiva is “Ashutosh”(one who becomes satisfied quickly) so Shiva grant the boon to Ravana and decided to go with him in Lanka. After granting the boon Shiva realized the mistake so Shiva took shelter under Lord Bishnu. Vishnu has all the solutions for problems and is cunning also; Vishnu advised Shiva to tell Ravana that while carrying the Lingo to Lanka in his hands if Ravana puts Shiva in earth then Shiva will stay there. Shiva told this to Ravana and Ravana agreed and started his journey. In the mean time Vishnu hit upon a plan and suddenly Ravana feel pressure to go for urine. At that time Vishnu disguised himself as Rakhal Balak(Cow tender boy) as he is famous for and started to roam near Ravana, the pressure of Ravana was gradually increasing and suddenly Ravana saw that Rakhal Balak and requested him to hold the Linga for few minutes. The Rakahla Balok agreed but told Ravana if… you became late I will put it down on the earth, Ravana went for urine. As it is ordained by Lord Vishnu, Ravana took much time to finish, Ravana himself became surprised, and after the urine is done he couldn’t find water to wash his hands and feet. So he pressed his thumb on the earth and water began to flow. After washing his hands he came and could not find the Rakhal Balok, he then found the Linga on earth. He went in front of Linga and told him to go with him, but Linga said that he will not go as per his previous condition. Ravana repeatedly requested him but when the Linga did not agree Ravana became angry and stumped his fist on the head of the Linga. So the some portion of Linga went under the earth and from that time Shiva begins to live ion Deoghar.

So, what happened about the water that came out when Ravana pressed his thumb on the earth…it is now known as Ravana Gore , a place full of water and in size it’s a big tank/pond.

Main Temple,The Larger one

Visiting Time

Except the religious purpose you can visit this place any time of the year, though I will prefer winter season coz the weather is too hot during summer days, but if you want to experience the devotion of the devotees then the best time to visit this place the month of Shravana(July-August) specially  in Mondays, as the month Shravana and the day Monday is considered to be the worshipping month and day of Lord Shiva…the unimaginable crowd of the devotees can be seen.

During the month of Shravana the devotees carry the holy water of Ganga from Sultanganj in two pots hanged over in two sides a single pole, popularly known as “Baank”, taking water from the Ganges of Sultanganj the devotees carry this water on their shoulders and cover the distance of appox 100km in bare foot and after reaching the temple they have to wait in a queue and finally they offer the water upon the Linga.

Devotees With Baank(Google Image)

To Be Continued…

Nariel PedH


Passenger Needed…

White House ??


Nandan Kanan




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