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  1. Looks like a lot of love-birds have written their names on it. 😂😀
    This stone reminds me of Krishna’s butterball in Mahabalipuram. 😊

    1. Yah, there are some people who has extreme level of habit of Show off.
      I have seen the pic of Krishna’s butterball and you are right there is similarity with it.
      Btw, the place where i have captured this is a very interesting place, i have shared about it in this blog, sending you the link below, i think you like it a lot….
      Dont forget to share your thoughts after reading.

      1. Nice post (the mama bhanje one). I am accessing through phone so I cannot comment there. I liked the mythological connection. 😊 Sounds interesting.

  2. So many mathematical equations are there, with plus and different symbolic names, that even Newtown will find it difficult to decipher 😂

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