Book Review: The Riverside Man & Other Short Stories

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Author: Murthy KVVS


Publisher: Sucharita Publications


Price: Rs 100/-


Format: Paperback


Page: 71


Genre: Nonfiction


Language: English



Book Blurb:

Nonfiction books always have some different charms as we can relate with the story (stories) more deeply, there is sometime a déjàvu feelings as the stories are from real life. On the other hand, if any book consists of the stories those contain some stories related to the author’s own life then not only we read a story rather we read an experience and the view point of a human being, it helps us to think about different dimensions.







My Views:

“The Riverside man & other short stories” consists of eleven different stories, the stories reflects the keen observation power of the author, the book contains different stories of different tastes, the author not only have covered the social, economic and day to day issues rather there are stories those contains psychological views and ghost issues, as this is a nonfiction book so naturally no hyperbole or exaggerations are there, the author has avoided unnecessary descriptions to tell the stories, when there is no unnecessary description naturally the book becomes more interesting to read and the flow becomes more attractive.



The story like “Dantewara” depicts author’s observation and concern about the people where he has presented the socio-economic problem faced by people for politics.



In the book , the author has not only presented some story rather he has raised questions on humanity with the expectation that may be with time humanity itself will come into account more intensely.



The story “Rajinikant” itself has a different charm not only for the title which is famous itself rather the story contains some common feelings and gradually maturity with the time of every student.



Without mentioning some terms the author has presented some issues very nicely through the stories, just like he has not mentioned the world “spirituality” in the same way “judgmental” has not been used in the book but yet he has presented it in such a beautiful way through a story that is beyond description.






Actually there is nothing to be marked as drawback in the book but personally I expected some twist something more interesting at the end of two stories.




About the author:

Murthy KVVs holds master degrees in three different streams and those are Political science, English literature and Telegu literature, he also holds diploma in journalism from AFJA, during the initial years of writing he has worked for Telugu dailies named Udayana and Vaarta.

His poems and essays have been published in many well known publications like Andhra Prabha, Praja Shakti, Visalandhra and in many more publications.

He is not only a poet and writer but also a serious blogger and translator, his Telugu translation of Mario Pujo’s “The God Father” was widely acclaimed and appreciated.




Concluding Note:

To go through the different real life stories covering different fields this book is a must read.


To have a personal copy of this book you can contact in this number…07893541003


I have received a free copy from the author and i wanna say a big thanks to him for such a wonderful book.









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