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Model of Massanjore Dam

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Visiting different pandals during Durga Puja never been my interest but this year i have visited four Pandals, first were in my route to my uncle’s house which i had to visit for certain reason and next two pandals i visited coz taking heavy foods i was suffering from indigestion so went for an evening walk.


Here are the pictures of one of those pandals, their theme was Massanjore Dam, situated near Dumka in  Jharkhand district over the Mayurakshi river….




Here is the picture of original dam…


The Essence of Season Autumn

Glimpses Of Tapoban

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Tapoban, an well known place through Ramayan, before the battle with Lord Ram,Ravana was taking Lord Shiva to Lanka,during the journey Ravana started religious austerity in this place in disguise, being afraid from Ravana’s worship,the (Semi)Gods requested Hanuman Ji to interrupt Ravana, Hanumanji made a powerful strike in the land with his Gada and Ravana felt disturbed and left the place.

Its said that Sita devi used to meditate here.

Maharshi Valmiki,the writer of Ramayan,used to meditate here.


The distance of this place from Deoghar is 10 km, Deoghar is also known as Baidyanath Dham, “Baidyanath” is another name of Lord Shiva and “Dham” means…auspicious place.

There are some interesting facts related to Baidyanath dham, you can go through the post with the link given below….

Deoghar—Baidyanath Dham


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