Diwali 2017 Pictures (Part 2)

Diwali 2017 Pictures (Part 1)

Devi Durga(Goddess Durga) 7

Durga Puja Day 2 Sandhyarati(Evening Puja)

Durga Puja Day 2 (Waiting For Pushpanjali)

Durga Puja Day 2 (Ashtami Puja)

Durga Puja Day 1

The Crowd

Jamai Shasthi—Reflects Patriarchal Society

Today in West Bengal Jamai Shahthi is celebrated with Pomp and



This one is must, I mean the preparation of fish head but this size will not work…at least two times larger than this one is much needed.


Fish head will never lose its priority but with time mutton also has got a place with fish head…yes, yes mutton, not chicken, chicken is cheaper than mutton, so if mutton is not served it can leave a bad impact (Lesser amount of love and respect).

What about other dishes?….there must be minimum five different dishes of different vegetables along with all these there should be sweets, fruits and curd.

The arrangement is so huge (and a must one) that a normal human being can’t take all the foods in a day but it must be done.




Dhoti Punjabi!!!! O ho, who wears this dress now a day…it’s an old fashion, so this dress has lost its dignity and jeans-t-shirts have taken this place.




Same thing has happened with umbrella also…rain coat is much user friendly, so umbrella also has lost its pride and rain coat has taken that place.


Yesterday I visited a watch shop to get our wall clock, that wall clock suddenly stopped working and after checking the clock I realized that it needs a replacement of the machine, so few days ago I given to a repair shop and yesterday I had to bring it.


When I entered the shop there were already two customers present, a girl, hardly of age 30 with her mother, they were buying a wrist watch, seeing their dress one can easily understand that their financial condition is not good at all, but they had to buy a good wrist watch, seeing them in shop I realized that the mother was buying the watch for her son-in-law, it’s a gift from the in-laws house.



Exactly This design they have bought.

It was tough for them to expend 500 rupees, their financial condition does not support it but they are bound to it, it’s not only about the watch they also have to arrange various types of foods (Mentioned above)

Jamai Shashthi is a Bengali ritual when son-in-laws get king like treatment from their in-laws house; it’s an age old ritual and still existing with all its glory and as I feel this ritual reflects that our society is still a patriarchal society.

Is there any ritual when the girls gets Queen like treatment from their in-laws houses? Whenever it’s about the girls the first thing comes first is fasting…whether it’s Kaurva Chauth or Shivratri.

Men do not seek best welfare for their wives? if they seek so then they must also go for whole day of fasting and offering Pujas to certain Gods-Goddesses but unfortunately it cant be seen.

If worshiping certain deities after a whole day of fasting…you can wish good for someone…then why only these rituals are for the girls and not for the boys?

Shasthi…Is a religious ritual named after Semi-Goddess Maa Shasthi who is worshiped by the mothers for the well being of their children, during this Puja every mother have to go for half-fasting(Rice and Flours can’t be taken, depends upon the tradition of the family). There were no existence of giving king like treatment to the son-in-laws in this particular day, in ancient time the parents (Specially the mother) of a girl were not allowed to visit the in-laws of the girl and the girls were also not allowed to visit her paternal house until she become pregnant, so later the dictators has made this ritual named “Jamai Shahthi” when the girl will visit her paternal house with her husband and that husband will get king like treatment.

So here lies the differences…The girls (Mothers) will fast and the boys (Men) will rejoice the day with sumptuous feast


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Har Har Mahadev


Do you know the “Tandav Nritya”?

let me tell you in short…when Dakhsyaraj insulted Lord Shiva, Sati(another form of Parvati) could not bear the incident and sacrificed her life in the same Yagna(fire worship ritual) performed by her own father(Dakshyaraj),for this incident Lord Shiva lost control over himself and became so angry that he started the Tandava Nritya(Dance of Destruction) taking Sati on his shoulder…so this is all about Tandava Nritya.

So happened next?

Seeing the destructive dance of Lord Shiva lord Vishnu realized that the creation is at a stake, so he hit upon a plan to preserve the creation and using Sudarshan Chakra he cut the body of Sati gradually, the different of Sati’s body fell in different places and termed as Satis pith or “Shakti Pith”, today I visited of them that is Bakreswar where the eyebrow of Sati fell.

It is certain that where is Sati there must Lord Shiva around…no exception here.

This is the mythological story of Bakreswar.

In the day of Shivratri and on the Mondays of the month Shravana(June-July) large numbers of pilgrimages visit this place to worship Lord Shiva, after taking bath in the hot spring they visit the temple and perform Puja. The crowd is really noticeable, a fair is also held during Shivratri and in the month of Shravana(considered as the worshiping month of Lord Shiva)

Entrance of Shiva Temple
Another Entrance


entrance of bathing Place…

Taking Bath before Puja…


The Line for Puja


A part of the fair

















There are separate accommodation for bathing for gents and Ladies with clean and clear room for change.

There two more interesting things can be seen here…

Natural Hot Spring





The most interesting thing that can be seen here is the natural hot spring, which is existing for long years and still in the same form, the temperature of this spring is approx. 66 degree Celsius, so far I have come to know that the Helium gas under the earth surface of this place is coming out for several years and making the spring hot. The surprising fact is if you throw rice here they will not be boiled.


Hot spring and the vapor



It is said that…before the earthquake the water of this spring start to vibrate and seeing this the local people easily understand that an earthquake will take place very soon.

Cremation Ground

another interesting fact that can herd here is about the cremation ground….it is said that the burning of dead bodies never stop here, I heard 8 years back, then again 6 years back when I visited with my maternal uncle and aunty, then again heard three years back and now again.

New addition of this place is the 10 feet long Shiva linga of white marble that has brought from Croesia…img_2096img_2097

Many small sized temples can be seen here out of the boundary of the min temple, now a days they are fighting enough to exist








Now the Main Gate of the Temple

img_2008this is the way to enter the temple of Maa Parvatiimg_2073

The temple head from outside…




How to Reach:-

Bakreswar is in the district of Birbhum(West Bengal), in between Suri, the district town and Dubrajpur. Buses are available from Suri and Dubrajpur and its average 40minutes bus ride from both the places.

STC buses from Kolkata and trains are available from Howrah to Suri and its always better to visit Bakreswar through Suri if you are coming from Kolkata coz you cant reach Dubrajpur directly from Kolkata.


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