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Mama Bhagne Pahar—Place of Wonders

About the place I have shared here is full of wonders, you can call it the eighth wonder of the world.

It’s situated in between my village and my home town, earlier I have visited this place three times but never explored as much as I have explored this time.

How I made the Plan

It was a Saturday in the month of June this year, I was taking rest in my room, getting me in their range two of my students showed interest for a short outing with me, actually from past two years they are interested to go for a tour with me, I don’t know why they are so much interested, earlier we made many plans for our tours but every time those got cancelled for various reasons, most of the time it got cancelled for me….this is true.

So that day when they raised the topic again I thought why not visit a place just for a day and suddenly the name Mama Bhagne Pahar(Maternal Uncle- Nephew Hill) came into my mind, I always like the beauty of the nature so it was the perfect place for me, on the other hand I had to return my home town on the same day.

We planned to start our journey at 8AM and decided to come back home nearly at 2PM so that we could take our lunch in our houses. When we finalized the plan it became almost 9:30PM, my confused mind is responsible for it.

 As it was 9; 30pm so naturally it was hard that much shop would remain open still my students visited the market and luckily got some bread in the market.

Next day morning we started our journey from my house, first we availed an Auto and then bus. This hill is situated near Dubrajpur, we got down from bus in Dubrajpur main bus stand and bought some sweets and samosas and then hired a auto and reached our destination.

Here is the View from the main road(Upper) and the entrance(Lower)


Temple at the Entrance



Name of the Place

This place is widely known as Mama Bhagne Pahar(Maternal Uncle Nephew Hill) but it has another name also that is Pahareswar(God Of Hills).

This Rock is known as Nephew
The front rock is known as Mama(Maternal Uncle)


1)How this place is Created

The most interesting fact is…how this place has come into existence…coz if you give a scientific view then its natural the thought will come into your mind is….probably long years back there was a volcano and these big rocks are the outputs of that volcano when it was busted but this theory can’t be right coz….

  1. A) there is no such volcano in the 100 km of radius of this place, as I have mentioned earlier that this place is situated in between my village and my home town, so I know the surrounding places very well, there is no such a big volcano that could exert such big rocks, yes there is a very small one and it is situated nearly 50 km away from this place.

  2. B) Now if we consider that may be for the upper mentioned small volcano these rocks have come into existence (Which is almost impossible) then there should be more rocks in between the volcano and this hill but surprisingly there is no such rock available in the 100Km radius of this place….so naturally the question comes into mind….how this place has come into existence?

So, the question which is still remained unsolved is….how such big rocks has come into this place?

What is the secret behind their existence?

Why not such big rocks can’t be found near this place?

The Mythological story behind this place

There are two mythological stories behind the establishment of this place…

  1. During the war with Ravana in Ramayana, Lakshman got hurt by Shaktishel(chanted arrow), thje arrown thrown by Meghnada and the only healing medicine was a plant named Bishalyakarani, which was available only on Dronagiri hill, HanumanJi(Bajrangbali) took the responsibility of bringing the plant from that particular hill but after reaching he became confused by seeing so many plants and herbs and decided to bring the whole hill on his hand….we all know this story.

It is said that when Hanumanji was bringing the hill some the rocks fallen there and then this place was created.

  1. There is another mythological story behind the creation of this place….

Once Lord Shiva became interested to create a place which will lok like  Kashi, so he called The God of Builders named Viswakarma and instructed him to make this place overnight but Viswakarma became unable to complete the task in one night and immediately left this and from that time the rocks brought by Viswakarma remained in this place

2) Another wonder that can be found in this place is the balance of two huge sized rocks which are standing in the same position for years after years, these two rocks one is known as Mama (Maternal Uncle) and another one is known as Bhagne(Nephew), surprisingly my first visit in this place happened when I was in my 4th standard, those days I used to live my village, I visited this place with two of my maternal uncles and my Mom, Sister and Grandma.

Unfortunately it’s not possible to take the full pics of these two rocks coz they are situated upon a huge sized rock and that rock is not wide enough, even I tried to click the pics of these two rocks standing at the edge holding the hand of my student still the lens could not cover it.


The Place through My Lens



View From the top


Our Activity

Me and one of my student planned a surprise for my another student, few days ago the birth day of my students has passed, so it was my idea to celebrate his birth day there, without informing him me and my another student bought a cake and a candle and also took a knife from my house, unfortunately we did not get a big cake coz as I said our plan finalized nearly at 9:30pm before the date of our journey and almost all shops in my home town became closed.

Here are some pics of cutting cake…




How to Reach

  • The best way to reach this place is…avail state transport busses from Kolkata bus stand (Esplanade), you have to avail bus of Kolkata to Suri, buses are available from 5AM to 6PM, now get down at Power House, average travel time is 4:30 hours, from Power House you can hire a rickshaw or taxi, if you hire rickshaw it will take 20 minutes to reach this place and in Taxi it will take 10 minutes.

  • Another way to reach this place is to avail train Hool Express from Howrah station at 6:45AM, then get down at Dubrajpur station, nearly at 10:31AM you will reach Dubrajpur, hiring a rickshaw you can reach this place, it will need 20 minutes from Dubrajpur station.

My Photos There




Nature 2

Ghagar Budi

Top post on IndiBlogger, the biggest community of Indian Bloggers

The temple of Maa Ghagar Budi, another form of Maa Chandi is situated near Kaali Pahadi and 10km from Asansol main city.

Main Temple(Google Image)

Special fairs arranged during Falhari Kali Puja and Rokkha Kali Puja.

It’s considered as one of the holy places for the devotees of Mother Goddess.

Here are some pictures i captured…




Beside the temple there is a rivulet named Nunia, the adjoining rocks enhance the beauty of the rivulet, though the rivulet is narrow but it’s very deep, a special guard has been kept there to take care of the travelers and to inform everyone not to take any type of risks while exploring this place.






Top post on IndiBlogger, the biggest community of Indian Bloggers

In my previous post Deoghar—Baidyanath Dham I have shared the mythological story and the religious importance of the place Deoghar. But except the religious purpose this place can be visited for weather change, there are many attractions there…


It’s a not so large hill but large and big enough to make anyone surprised. Full of huge size of rocks, the most interesting event of this pace is…until you feed some monkeys, those are great in numbers, you will not be able to explore this place coz they will disturb (They don’t hurt anyone) you continuously, you don’t need to feed to all the monkeys, you just have to feed some of them and that’s enough.

There are caves in Tapoban and one the cave enshrining the Shivalingam one of the prime attractions of the place.

It’s 10km away from main town.

Tapoban Entrance



At The Top Of Tapoban


Tapoban Moving Car



This is also a hill area, the name Trikut means three peaks, “Tri” means three, this hill actually has three tops, it’s very tough to climb at the tops of this mountain coz its straight from the ground, until you are a rock climber you can only enjoy this place from ground or accessing the ropeway. It’s 2470ft in height.

A Part of Trikut


Nandan park

This is a park dedicated to one of the two most closed followers of Lord Shiva, Nandi.

There are many events to enjoy, like the ‘Bhoot Ghar’(The Ghost House), the magical mirror, sliding through Nandi’s tongue apart from all the natural scenery is indescribable.

An Idol of Nandi


Ghost House

Nau Lakha Temple

This temple is named “Nau Lakha” coz it took nine lakh rupees to build, in Sanskrit and Hindi “Nau” means nine, this temple was made by Queen Charushila Devi, more than 75 years ago, it’s a 146 ft in height and this temple has resemblance with Belur math Kolkata, its situated 2km from main town.

Entrance of Nau Lakha Temple


Special Food

Whenever the name Deoghar comes into mind the name of the food first comes is Peda, it’s a type of sweet made from concentrated milk, the more pure the milk is the more tasty the Peda, visiting Deoghar and did not eat Peda is one of the greatest mistake for sure.

How to Reach Deoghar

If you are visiting from east side of India, it’s always better to avail the route through Kolkata, by bus it takes 7-8hrs and if you avail car then surely you will save approximately two hours.

The Route is…


By train you

For the travelers of other side of India…

Passenger buses run from…Ranchi,Hazaribahg and Jamshedpur.

You can reach Ranchi or Jamshedpur by flight.

Availing Trains from Varanasi Junction to Madhupur Junction and then you can avail car or train.





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