Fair Of Joydev and The Interesting Facts—Part 2

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3.Baul…the Folk Songs

Have you heard the name “Baul” ? if not then i must inform you the most interesting part related to Baul…”Baul” is a type of Bengali folk song, generally Ektara(One stringed) is used to sing these songs, the singers can be identified for their distinctive dress…the name of the dress is Guduri.

Though mostly the Bauls are found in Gerua Basan (Saffron Colored dress) which symbolizes “Sacrifice”, they spend life of half-sanyas. there is a typical style of singing Baul song and except the voice the lyrics always has some enchanting effects in mind, the songs talk about devotion and consists deeper philosophy of life, sometime they use raw words in their lyrics but if you can realize then you will find that they are not talking about physicality or something else rather they are saying some truths or philosophy in other way.


Here are some pictures of Baul singers …


Pic courtesy: Google.


Here is the videos when they are performing,recorded by me…



Baul song And the Jaydev Fair

Jaydev fair without Baul is beyond imagination, in every Akhra the Baul singers can be found and the interesting part of this fair is….

Last year i was making my exit from this fair around 8:30 PM and i was surprised to see the crowd from the opposite direction…yes i am talking about the visitors who were entering the fair around 8:30 PM…This is the most traditional part of this fair, for the entire night the Baul singers perform in different stages (In the Akhras) and the visitors listen it for entire night. The crowd increases ten times in night than the day time.


How To Reach There

The easiest way to reach there is availing STC buses from Esplanade (Dharmatala),Kolkata,Those are heading to Suri, The “Joydev More”(Turn Of Joydev) will be in the route, getting down there you can avail decorated China Van’s there or can hire taxi or avail bus.

The journey time from Kolkata to Joydev More is apprx. four hours and from there the main fair is apprx. twenty minutes of journey.

This year the fair will take place from 14th-16th Jan.



2 Replies to “Fair Of Joydev and The Interesting Facts—Part 2”

  1. Glad that you’ve written about this particular branch of folk-song. The mystic quality of baul songs is enchanting and a lot of research has been done to explore the depth of life, love and sacrifice depicted in their songs.
    Wonderful post. Reminded me of the time I visited Joydeb Mela.

  2. yes! I know about the baul song concept but have never experienced it! The sound is not clear in these videos perhaps, due to some technical issue at my end. I have heard a lot about the amalgamation of Sufism and Dehaattya of these songs.

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