Necessities of My Life And My Selfie Experience

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Necessities of life…this plays a vital role in everyone’s’ life.

we all know the three basic necessities of our lives are …food, dress and shelter but with the progressive time and with the change of lifestyle we need somethings more to maintain a healthy life.

everyone has their own views and philosophy towards life so also mine…when you have enough dresses in your wardrobe then why should you buy more dresses?…this simple logic i have never understood, you “Liked” it so you bought it…is it necessary for you or this one will just add an color in your wardrobe?…i just shared my personal views only, hope i can…

if you ask about my wardrobe there is something amazing(i think so) you will find… my 17 year old jeans shirt, 12 years old half sleeve t-shirt, 15 years old jeans, 8 years old full sleeve cotton shirt and few others such dresses, all these are in very good condition and i use them when i go for tour or when i attend social gatherings( hardly one per year).
Now another interesting part of my wardrobe is…most of the dresses (80%) i have got as a gift from my relatives(except the upper mentioned old ones), during the Durga Puja, which is the most famous festival in West Bengal and it is celebrated with pomp and grandeur, the common ritual is the relatives gift new clothes to each other, now when its related to me…before 2017 i involved myself in Durga Puja in the year 2008 for the last time, so my rare visit to Puja pandals(when every Bengali uses their new clothes for the first time, it a tradition) needs minimum dresses to wear, so it happened many times that i used the new clothes after two-three years of receiving it.


nothing happens without a logic, behind every activity there is some particular psychology, does not matter whether we are able to identify it or not, so naturally there is certain psychology behind my views on “necessity”.
Every incident has two sides, just like every coin has two sides.

i have seen, have experienced and have lived the hard days of life…the days of financial crisis, during the time of my great grand father our family used to be a millionaire but after lots of misshapen(diseases, cheating of human beings) a time period has came into the life of my father when he has to beg, had to spend days by drinking water only to save foods for others, as he is the elder one so he had lots of responsibilities in his shoulders but on the other hand as a student he was a brilliant one which helped him to get a Govt. job, a teacher, and for his immense and deep knowledge in his subject he became an well known teacher in short time but it did not bring much changes in the financial condition because those days the salary of the teachers were not enough to run a family more than three people.

Though my parents always used to try to provide all the necessities of life…proper food, dress and books but after a certain age you can realize what actually the financial condition of your family, how you parents are trying their level best to maintain your family as smoothly as they can.
Me and my sister both have seen those days when we could not even think about any type of luxury and those experience has left two different impressions in our minds…

i have became a follower of savings on the other hand my sister believes in saving and to fulfill the necessities, none of us are wrong in their thoughts rather being too much focused in savings sometime i compromise with the problems on the other hand my sister believes in “money begets money”. None of us have the habit to expense lavishly but its true that now-a-days the sun rays have become more deadly and dangerous you need to protect your skin and your eyes…being a student of science i know this much better than my sister but i was compromising,i had to use a sun glass but a good UV protecting sun glass costs more than 2000 rupees, even when i think about it my heart beats increases now think if i buy this then i can have heart attack, my mom and sis says “if he buys such an expensive sunglasses then he will skip his meals for two three days to save the money”.

after reaped request from my mom and sis the topic turned into an irritating situation, i made them irritated every time denying their suggestion to buy an UV protecting sun glass and at the end i announced …”one day will come when i will use an expensive and branded sun glass” …it was just a dialogue in heroic style and the truth was…even i did not know how it will be possible, yes, admit…that time i could buy it myself easily but its all about mentality.

In the 2016, in the month August for the first time in my life i took part in any writing competition and surprisingly i own that competition and the more surprising fact is…they were giving Miami blue sunglasses
That time another incident took place in my life for the first time and that was…for the first time i took my selfie, there was a message for every winner that…they have to wear the sunglasses and taking selfies and have to post their pictures in different social media…so i did it


There is an essence of using the things you have own than the ones you have bought, specially when the winning has taken place in a vast field…the field of blogging is not a small field….i think so.


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8 Replies to “Necessities of My Life And My Selfie Experience”

  1. That really is a milestone selfie of your life. Winning for the first time in a blogging contest is always something very, very special for us, the bloggers. I can fully perceive the sentiment behind this particular selfie.

    May you win many more contests… 🙂

  2. I agree with Maniparna. Your first selfie is indeed a milestone moment. First contest win is really special.
    May you get many more wins, and selfie moments in life.

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