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With time the journey of life becomes more tough not only for the reason for the struggle to exist rather the responsibilities and the duties increases with time, the so called “fast moving era” is continuously chasing us to be more conscious about life but yet there are some moments those make us  happy, we all want happiness in life ,we all want to be happy and we look for it, in the outer world in different ways but sometime we forget the small incidents or activities can also bring happiness in our life, can also fill our heart with joyous feelings.

Happiness is also a state of mind but you need resources to be happy, just for no reason no one can be happy, either she/he has to remember something or have to come across anything such which make them happy.


Looking at a beautiful flower (actually all flowers are beautiful) can make us happy, enjoying the view of sunrise or the gradual sunset can make us happy, playing with the dog, working in the garden can make us happy just what we need to do is leaving all those stress and the tensions we have to cherish these small incidents and only then we will be able to realize though small these are but leave deep impacts in our thoughts and feelings.


Happyzozo.com not only showing us those small moments through the sketches rather they are giving opportunity to make money through sketching, if you are capable enough to draw or have good hold in sketching then you can earn a good amount of money by joining happyzozo.com. What you have to do is just add some emotions in the pictures so that the pictures itself explains all. I just visited their site and checked few of the categories, here I would like to share a link where you can see the “Good Morning images” and I found all of them very lively.


How can you join?:

  1. First of all you have to make an account visiting their site, its simple and easy.
  2. Now you can choose from thirty different categories and decide for which category you are going to draw.
  3. After drawing the picture you have to follow some simple steps to submit.
  4. When it’s submitted and approved you will be paid for it, Rs 15/image for first 100 images and Rs 30/image for next images.


You can add captions under the drawing so that people can relate with those deeply, like I wanna share the “funny images” categories, I visited it ad seeing the images I really laughed out a lot, some movements of the pencil have made such an creative and charming images…I really wonder!!!!

May be it’s been an era you have drawn anything, may be the workload and the tough journey of life have forced you to be totally detach with your student life activity when you have so much interest in drawing…then why not give it a try to bring out those lost passion again and refresh the memory and your forgotten fav activity?

So, if you have interest in drawing and you want to share happiness and to bring smile in the faces of people do join happyzozo.com, not only will your creative drawings make you happy rather the money also.







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